7. Mar 2008
Freedom of expression demos
All this - online or not - does not make much sense without the freedom of expression. Not everywhere this freedom is granted and reporters without borders calls for a demonstration. Here is the text... more

28. Feb 2008
ACAP-Birth of a new standard
By way of Timothy Balding, president of the World Association of Newspapers (WAN) we are pointed to the first downloadable version of ACAP. "This is a decisive moment for the Automated Content Access... more

5. Feb 2008
Wired Journalists
The species of the online journalist has quite a few parks to roam among themselves. Most notably Poynter Online with a very deep mandate to provide help and tools as well as the necessary... more

12. Sep 2006
Dropping Knowledge
Since we organzied Interactive Publishing we appreciate the time, the effort and the sheer endless believe it takes, to get an initiative like Dropping Knowledge off the ground. The round table with... more

5. Sep 2006
The Digital Collection reworked
Cityweb serves the newspapers of the WAZ group with a September 11 special. We like the way they combined some of the screenshot from the Digital Collection with papers discussing the work of... more

People who matter
To bring the people together who drive and develop the European interactive publishing industry that is what we have done since 1994 and will continue doing. It is the best way to solve problems and strategic uncertainties.

Here are the various often interceding networks that grew out of this effort:[more...]

5. Sep 2006
Let me point you to a conference that promises to be a very interesting compilation of many digital trends. PIC NIC will take place from Sep. 27 to 29 in Amsterdam. Monique van Dusseldorp who has... more

31. Oct 2005
Cauthorn, Riefler, von Dusseldorp
Interactive Publishing Conference veterans Bob Cauthorn (now engaged in Citytools), Monique van Dusseldorp (for ever organzing internet events) and Katja Riefler (very busy with mandates within the... more

4. Jun 2005
IP Zurich Report
The IP Zurich report is now available for $89 (ca. 80 Euro). See what 20 of the top online newspaper executives had to say about the future of online publishing.

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