IP Networks

People that matter

To bring the people together who drive and develop the European interactive publishing industry that is what we have done since 1994 and will continue doing.

Here are the various often interceding networks that grew out of this effort:

Executive Roundtable: IP Masters
Our newest network is a strategic think tank of outstanding interactive publishing executives. It is on the experience, the judgement and the passion of these great people that the IP Zurich Report builds.

Executive Board of Advisers Past and Present
We contact the members of this board for new projects and insights on how to best help this industry. An invaluable crowd.

These key people shared their knowledge and experience with our attendees. In the open and engaging atmosphere that characterizes Interactive Publishing conferences and workshops they thrived.

For privacy reasons we display the companies they work for rather than the individual names. Have a look at the companies that shaped this industry in the last 10 years. Of course it is also due to their continued support that Interactive Publishing GmbH can look optimistically into the future.

We have found great partners in trade associations, media, among suppliers of industry specific solutions, in content aggregators, channel providers and technology pioneers.

IP Top Judges
Without the international group of judges the IP Top Award would never have made the impression it did. We are thankful for the expert work they have put into the process of picking the winner.

Founding Board of Advisers
The founding board helped to get us going in 1994 and some like Jan Lamers or H.H. Coninx and Hubert Burda continue to actively support Interactive Publishing.


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